How to Generate Inbound Popup Calls for Tech Support

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Running a tech support center requires customers to become profitable. There are many strategies to gaining tech support customers, such as PPC ad buying, using ad networks, or by paying a lead generator for each lead. However, there are many challenges to each of these strategies, and you must either be an expert, or rely on another person that is an expert. This is precisely the reason that Call Campaign Pro, a complete inbound lead generation tool, was created.

Advantages of Call Campaign Pro

  • No requirements. Call Campaign Pro is a complete solution.
  • Just click once and all popups are created automatically
  • Over 300 partnered advertising networks and blogs
  • No fees other than the monthly price of the software

Calls that you can generate

  • Windows Tech Support Calls
  • Quickbooks Tech Support Leads
  • Apple Support Calls
  • Outlook Support
  • Printer Support Calls
  • Browser Support Inbound Calls

The prices for quickbooks inbound support leads and quickbooks support calls have been cut dramatically. Our best clients have been consistently recieving over 3000 quickbooks support calls per month while utilizing a custom posting list. This is made possible by our extensive advertising and blogging network – one of the largest on the public market.

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Arjun Chadha

SEO Specialist, Leadboost Solutions LLC

“We have been using Call Campaign Pro to provide wholesale desktop PC and QuickBooks leads to our 3rd party support vendors. It has saved us an enormous amount of money that would have otherwise gone to media buying and our PPC campaigns. Additionally, all of our calls are now completely genuine and high-quality.”